About us

The Pillar is a full service law firm established in 2016 by Ibrahim Mosaad, Abdullah Ellaithy and Mohmed Adel. Their extensive experience and different backgrounds combined to create a firm set up to provide startups with high quality legal services.

Our story

Startups have become quite commonplace in global commerce. The reason for this is that there is a fresh generation of entrepreneurs that have undertaken an effort to leave the corporate sector and branch out on their own. Through this model, a plethora of promising startups have been founded across the globe in unique industries that have increased the global citizen’s quality of life overall.

Before deciding to start a Start Up, it is wise that you consider the legal issues that you may face, starting from; selecting a type of Business Structure, Business compliance, Commercial Relationship of Founders, Employment Contracts, Trademark Registration, Legal Relations with Suppliers, Non-Disclosure agreements, Voting Rights, Compensation Plan for Partners, Taxation Issues, to Dissolution Planning, since you should always have a clause about how and where the case will be settled in the event of a disagreement.

In addition, most of entrepreneurs who are trying to save money on hiring attorneys are turning to freelance attorneys who provide low cost boilerplate low quality legal services.

Besides their legal careers, the founders of The Pillar have already been through all the stages of a new porn startup into a successful company as they are partners in many leading legal companies in the Egyptians market.

Through the past 2 years we have been advising national and multinational companies, since we were acting as legal advisors for SELL ACTION a leading telecommunication company in Germany, and ZALDI CAPITAL a company specialized in private equity and IPOs, along with a long list of startups.

Therefore, we decided to establish your legal pillar, through which we cover every single step of your journey to success and growth.

We provide high quality legal services with a very competitive prices that you can afford.

Just start and rely on us.

Areas of Practice

Corporate Law

Banking & Finance

Oil & Gas

Solar Energy

Media Law


Initial public offering (IPO)

Information Technology

Merger & Acquisition

Real Estate

Finance Leasing

Capital Market

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